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Bhattarika Temple, Badamba, Cuttack

Bhattarika Temple, Badamba, Cuttack

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In the heart of Badamba, Cuttack, Bhattarika Temple awaits, offering serenity and historical intrigue. This unassuming yet profound place is a sanctuary that beckons both pilgrims and those seeking a quiet escape.

About the Place

Bhattarika Temple, embraced by the quaint charm of Badamba, is a haven of tranquility. Surrounded by lush greenery, the temple exudes a peaceful ambiance, inviting visitors to experience a blend of spirituality and natural beauty. Dedicated to Goddess Bhattarika, it stands as a testament to Odisha’s cultural heritage.

History of Bhattarika Temple

With roots delving deep into antiquity, Bhattarika Temple’s history is woven with tales of devotion. Legends speak of its origins, where the goddess manifested herself, making it a revered spot. The architecture, though simple, narrates the story of centuries, standing resilient against the passage of time.

Best Things to Do

  1. Divine Connection: Engage in quiet prayers, absorbing the spiritual vibes of the temple.
  2. Riverside Contemplation: The nearby Mahanadi River offers a serene backdrop for meditation.
  3. Festive Participation: Experience the vibrant local culture by joining in during festivals.
  4. Nature Strolls: Explore the scenic surroundings, taking leisurely walks amidst nature.

Why Visit Bhattarika Temple

Bhattarika Temple beckons with open arms, offering a retreat from the hustle of daily life. Beyond its historical significance, it provides a serene atmosphere for self-reflection and a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of Odisha.

How to Reach

Accessing this tranquil haven is convenient:

  • By Bus: Badamba is well-connected by buses from major cities, providing an accessible option.
  • By Train: The nearest railway station is in Cuttack, ensuring easy connectivity.
  • By Flight: Biju Patnaik International Airport is the closest; taxis are available for onward travel.
  • By Personal Car/Bike: Enjoy picturesque drives through the Odishan countryside.

Where to Stay Near Bhattarika Temple

  1. Badamba Retreat: A budget-friendly stay offering comfort in proximity to the temple.
  2. Cuttack Heritage Hotel: Experience the charm of Cuttack while staying conveniently close.
  3. Mahanadi Riverside Resorts: Enjoy a tranquil stay with modern amenities and river views.

Nearby Places to Visit

  1. Dhabaleshwar Temple: A spiritual treasure along the Mahanadi River, Dhabaleshwar Temple is just a short drive away.
  2. Naraj Barrage: Ideal for those seeking a peaceful riverside retreat.
  3. Choudhury Palace: Explore the historical grandeur of this architectural marvel.
  4. Cuttack Chandi Temple: A prominent temple reflecting Odisha’s religious diversity.
  5. Netaji Birthplace Museum: Dive into the life and times of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in Cuttack.


Bhattarika Temple, Badamba, is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to tranquility and cultural richness. Whether for spiritual solace, cultural exploration, or a scenic getaway, this temple in Odisha promises a fulfilling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is photography allowed inside the Bhattarika Temple?

    Yes, photography is allowed inside the temple premises. However, it is advisable to seek permission before capturing photographs.

  2. What is the best time to visit the Bhattarika Temple?

    The Bhattarika Temple can be visited throughout the year. However, the festival of Durga Puja, which usually falls in the months of September or October, is an ideal time to witness the grandeur and festive spirit of the temple.

  3. Are there any accommodation options near the temple?

    Yes, there are several accommodation options available in Badamba and nearby towns, ranging from budget hotels to guesthouses, where visitors can stay comfortably during their visit to the Bhattarika Temple.

  4. Are there any nearby attractions worth exploring?

    Badamba is surrounded by scenic beauty and offers several attractions worth exploring. Some nearby places of interest include Deojhar Waterfall, Mahanadi River, and the ancient Barunei Hill.

  5. How do I reach the Bhattarika Temple?

    The temple is well-connected by road and can be reached easily from Cuttack, which is approximately 25 kilometers away. Regular bus services and taxis are available for transportation to and from the temple.



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