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Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary, Bhitarkanika, Kendrapara

maney bird sitting on a tree at Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary

Table of Contents

The Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary is part of the Bhitarkanika National Park, situated about 85 km away from Kendrapara town. It’s like a fun home for many kinds of local birds. There are around 170 types of birds that come here for a visit. You can spot Kingfishers, Sea eagles, Ducks, Seagulls, Darters, Open-billed storks, and Kites having a good time in Bagagahan.

Every year, birds from different places in the country come to Bhitarkanika to have their babies. They build nests and lay eggs in the Guan, Bani, Orua, and Kerua trees near the Brahmani river in the forest. People who go to Bhitarkanika National Park also make sure to drop by the Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary for some bird-watching fun.

Best Things to Do

  • Bird Watching Extravaganza: Embark on a journey of bird discovery as you witness the vibrant hues and melodious tunes of the sanctuary’s avian inhabitants.
  • Nature Photography: Capture the breathtaking moments of wildlife in their natural habitat, creating lasting memories.
  • Guided Nature Trails: Join expert guides for an informative stroll through the sanctuary, learning about the different bird species and their behaviors.
  • Relaxing Picnic: Enjoy a peaceful day amidst nature, with designated picnic areas for a delightful family outing.

Why Visit Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary

Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and witness the beauty of diverse bird species in their natural surroundings. Whether you’re a seasoned bird watcher or a family looking for a serene day out, the sanctuary promises a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

How to Reach

  • By Bus: Reach Kendrapara Bus Stand and take a local transport to Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary.
  • By Train: Access the sanctuary via Bhadrak Railway Station, followed by a short local commute.
  • By Flight: The nearest airport is Bijupattnayak International Airport, with further travel arrangements available to reach the sanctuary.
  • By Personal Car: Navigate through well-connected roads, offering a scenic drive to Bilabalarampur.
  • By Bike: Enjoy a two-wheeled adventure, exploring the picturesque journey to Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary.

Where to Stay

1. Hotel Golden Palace: Experience comfort and hospitality in the heart of Bilabalarampur.

2. Binayak Palace: Enjoy a royal stay, blending modern amenities with traditional charm.

3. Hotel SWAAD INN: Opt for a cozy and budget-friendly accommodation option.

Nearby Places to Visit

1. Baladebjew Temple: Explore the spiritual ambiance and architectural beauty of this ancient temple.

2. Gahiramatha Turtle Sanctuary: Witness the wonder of Olive Ridley turtles in their natural habitat.

3. AUL Palace: Step into the regal history of AUL Palace, a captivating journey through time.

4. Chandaramouli Temple: Experience tranquility amidst intricate architecture.

5. Bhitarakanika: Embark on a boat ride to explore the diverse mangrove sanctuary.


Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary beckons with its vibrant birdlife and serene surroundings. Whether you’re a seasoned bird watcher or a casual nature enthusiast, the sanctuary promises a rejuvenating experience amidst the beauty of Bilabalarampur. Plan your visit for an unforgettable avian adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Is there an entry fee for Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary?

     Yes, there is a nominal entry fee for visitors.

  2. What is the best time to visit the sanctuary for bird watching?

    The winter months from November to February are ideal for bird watching, as many migratory species visit during this period.

  3. Can I bring my own food for a picnic in the sanctuary?

    Yes, visitors are allowed to bring their own food for a picnic, but it’s advised to follow eco-friendly practices and dispose of waste responsibly.

  4. Are guided tours available in the sanctuary?

    Yes, guided tours led by knowledgeable experts are available for a more enriching experience.

  5. Are there facilities for nature photography within the sanctuary?

     Yes, visitors are encouraged to engage in nature photography, capturing the beauty of the sanctuary’s flora and fauna.

  6. How long does it take to explore the entire sanctuary?

    Depending on your interests, exploring the sanctuary can take a few hours to a full day.

  7. Is Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary suitable for family outings?

    Yes, the sanctuary offers a peaceful and family-friendly environment, making it an ideal destination for a day out.

  8. Can I spot migratory birds throughout the year?

    While the peak season is during winter, some migratory birds may be spotted during other times of the year.

  9. Are there any restrictions on noise levels within the sanctuary?

    To maintain the tranquility of the sanctuary and minimize disturbance to wildlife, visitors are encouraged to keep noise levels to a minimum.

  10. Is there a specific area for bird watching, or can I explore the entire sanctuary?

    The entire sanctuary is conducive to bird watching, with designated areas and trails providing diverse bird-watching opportunities.



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